Alex Cox, Owner

A resident of the Lake Tahoe basin for more than a decade, Alex combined his passion for fresh ingredients and fresh powder to create two of Lake Tahoe’s signature eateries, Heavenly Village’s Gunbarrel Tavern & Eatery, named after the iconic double-black-diamond Gunbarrel run, and 22 Bistro, located in the Village at Squaw Valley at the base of world-renowned KT-22.

With a long history in the industry ranging from bus boy to restaurant owner, Alex’s dedication to high quality food, superior service and a memorable experiences are the driving force behind his work. Add to that his commitment to living the true Tahoe lifestyle and diners are sure to feel welcome whether in ski boots or sky-high heels.

Alex is a native of Indiana and a graduate of the Indiana University.


David Satfield, Executive Chef

Born and raised in California, Chef David Satfield’s culinary career took flight as he worked as a sauté cook with Chef Jon Clemens at The Porch, a southern restaurant in midtown Sacramento. It was here that he discovered his love not only for producing flavorful dishes, but also his excitement to share these dishes with friends and family. David spent the next two years alongside Chef Jon, learning everything from filleting whole fish, to braising the most tender short rib, to partnering with local farmers and picking the most tasteful products. Eight years later David has worked alongside well-known restaurateurs such as the Wong brothers in Sacramento, CA, and iconic Chef John Gorham in Portland, OR.  Presently, David’s main goal is to produce fresh, tasteful dishes procured from local farmers, while supporting a sustainable dining experience.